35 on vacation

Today, I’m 35. 

Not too long ago, 35 seemed old. In the not too distant future, 35 will seem young. Today, it’s just where I’m at.

I used to celebrate my birthday all week. Now it’s not even a day. Is this a sign of things to come? Ignoring birthdays. Not wanting any sort of attention and denying they’re even happening?

As I sit here wondering what I should do with myself today, I’m watching my boys swim. I’m worn out from a week of vacationing. No sleep in the 2 double bed room we’ve been sharing with our boys.

“Can we go to the pool?” 

“As long as I can just sit there.”

“Can we go to the Waterpark?”

“Can I just sit there and relax?”

Hell, I don’t even want to relax. I’m bored. I have no energy, no motivation, all the time in the world and no desire to do anything. Is this 35? 

Over the week, we’ve done Gatorland. We’ve done beaches. All the seafood I can stand.

The 25 people I’m sharing a vacation with are gone at the volleyball tournament. And now it’s just me and the kids again. 

The humidity is fogging up my glasses. Is that I sign I should put my contacts in and just get into the pool??

Alright, I’ll get my suit on. Vacationing is hard.

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