I have been a wallflower my entire life. A really awkward wallflower with crooked teeth and crazy hair, silently wishing I could fit in somewhere (even the Star Trek geeks) and wishing any boy would pay attention to me (even those who were already balding in the teen years).

At some point, I stepped away from the wall and decided to be seen AND heard. I think that point was in college, or afterward. I was tired of being invisible.

I developed my own sense of style, my own likes and dislikes, my own personality and sense of humor. Basically, I decided that I didn’t want to pretend to be someone else just to fit into a group. I became me.

I spent the rest of the time (up until now) being comfortable with the me that I developed. I’m getting way better at it.

Being the actual me lead me to some pretty great friends and a great guy, who loves my crooked teeth and thinks my crazy hair is charming.

I’m proud of my husband in sometimes a delusive, idealistic way. We think the sun shines out of each other’s asses. It works for us.

My kids are my life but sometimes I wish they’d let me pee alone.

My dogs are adorable but sometimes I wish they’d let me pee alone.

Some day I hope to write a book. But for now, I have this blog where I can let my ideas be born, go through those awkward teen years, and grow up to be beautiful, confident, strong works of lit… or maybe they die horrible deaths and their carcasses will remain the dregs of the internet. We never know what will happen, but that’s more of a reason to keep blogging right?

Where did the blog name come from?
Guy Kawasaki’s advice to bloggers, “Eat like a bird, poop like an elephant?” It basically means to produce more than you consume. Well, this blog is my attempt to do just that. Bear with me, because sometimes elephants are constipated and other times they have the runs. It just depends on what that darn bird eats.

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